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Guess what? There’s a whole world beyond deer season out there. In fact, if you’re a new hunter or looking to get started, now might be the best time to don your camo and hit the woods without all the pressure of a chaotic deer season. Here are a few hunts that will keep you busy until Spring Turkey season.

This is a great time of year for squirrel, rabbit, raccoon, possum, all of which make for a truly fun day in the woods. Warm your bones with a nice rabbit stew after the hunt and you’ll soon realize why February is one of most underrated months for a hunter.


These pesky animals are almost always in need of being hunted due to the damage they cause to property. They happen to be good eating too! You don’t need a new rifle for hog hunting (unless you want another rifle) because your deer gun should do the trick nicely!


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