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The new Sig Sauer P365 XL new product release was announced by Sig Sauer in May 2019.
  • It is now in the distribution channels, but are still allocated by wholesalers to certain Gold Dealers.
  • We now have one in stock,  with more on its way!
  • Pre-order yours today, while you can at shop.lakotasafecompany.com
First lets take a look back at the original Sig Sauer P365, and then lets jump to two brief review of the Sig Sauer P365’s big brother, the XL.
Sig Sauer P365

Looking back at the Sig Sauer P365 released last year.

Little Brother P365 review: https://www.shootingillustrated.com/articles/2018/1/21/sig-sauer-p365-first-impressions and https://www.shootingillustrated.com/articles/2018/9/17/review-sig-sauer-p365-micro-compact/

The Big Brother XL review source: Gun University 

Gun University was invited up to the Sig Academy to try out these two new pistols (and maybe some other things…shhh) and the P365 XL pistol is a neat expansion on what we think is the best concealed carry gun, the Sig P365

At it’s core, the Sig p365 XL is still a p365 but it has a few differences:

  1. The frame is longer. We carry our P365s with the 12 round magazine because, well, why not, it’s one of the things that makes the Sig p365 so great. Our p365 12 round magazines have a grip extension on them which makes the p365 frame the same length as the p365 xl. So, why did Sig make the p365 XL with a longer frame? It makes reloads and handling the gun easier! Sure, teh grip extension works, but it is much nicer (for us) to handle the same length as a complete grip.
  2. The slide is longer. We understand why Sig did this (longer sight radius) but it was something that we could have done without.
  3. X-series trigger!  Yes, it’s awesome to shoot and it made us a little jealous of the great trigger from the factory.

An obvious comparison would be to say that the Sig p365 and the p365 xl are similar to the Glock 43 and the Glock 48…. smaller original and then later taller and longer versions. This is an easy way to explain the differences except Sig took one step further and provided the 365 XL with the awesome x-series trigger.

We already think that the p365 is very capable and can keep up with full size guns (it isn’t a compromise of use-ability for a smaller size) but something about the Sig p365 XL makes it easier to shoot (duh, maybe it’s the bigger grip and longer slide). ?

Another Big Brother XL review source: OmahaOutdoors.com 

This new member of the Sig family is the P365 XL and it features a longer slide and taller grip, an X-Series P365 Grip Module with Integrated Carry Magwell and extended beavertail, a new flat trigger with a 90-degree break, optic ready slide compatible with Romeo Zero and RMSc Optics, XRay3 Day/Night Sights, a 3.7-inch barrel, and comes with two 12-round magazines. Yep, this Sig is extra-large on capacity at 13-rounds without the need for extended mags. For comparison of the two siblings, here are the size specs for both-

P365                                                                        P365 XL

Barrel Length- 3.1”                                               Barrel Length- 3.7”

Overall Length- 5.8”                                             Overall Length- 6.6”

Overall Height- 4.3”                                              Overall Height- 4.8”

Weight- 17.8 oz                                                     Weight- 20.7 oz

First Look: Sig Sauer P365 XL- Maybe Bigger is Better

And lets not forget that Sig Sauer is now offering 15 round magazines for the P365 and the P365XL models. 
Woo Hoo!!!
– Lakota Safe Company Editor In Chief
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