Business, Gun, Home, and Vehicle Safe Delivery


  • Excludes all special order safes and vault doors. Special order safes and vault doors purchases will be provided with custom delivery quote from the safe manufacturers
  • We service the entire State of Florida

2-3 Days lead time for all Safe Deliveries is required

  • No additional charge for safe delivery in excess of 20 miles
  • Deliveries beyond 20 mile radius, maybe scheduled 7-10 Days out.
  • Once the Safe delivery is scheduled and confirmed, our Safe Delivery Tech will provide you with a 4 hour window of time in which they will schedule your delivery.


0-499 LBS Main Floor 3 Stairs or Less              $125.00  
0-499 LBS 4 Steps   $200 + [email protected] pound          Custom Quote
500-599 LBS Main Floor 3 Stairs or Less           $175.00
500-599 LBS 4 or More Stairs + [email protected]          Custom Quote          
600-699 LBS Main Floor 1 Step                           $185.00
700-799 LBS Main Floor 1 Step                           $215.00
800-899 LBS Main Floor 1 step                            $245.00
900-999 LBS Main Floor 1 Step                            $275.00
1000-1099 LBS Main Floor 1 Step                       $305.00
1100-1199 LBS Main Floor 1 Step                        $335.00
1200 LBS Or Higher x [email protected]                     Custom Quote
ALL DELIVERIES 2nd Story or Higher, Add       $200.00


  • Bolt Down for 1 hole is   $15.00 (includes bolts)
  • Bolt Down for 2 holes is $25.00 (includes bolts)
  • Bolt Down for 4 holes is $35.00 (includes bolts)


All Of Our Safe Manufacturers and Lakota Safe Company LLC Recommends To All Customers That Your Security Safe Be Bolted Down to Your Slab Floor. 

If You Elect To Not Bolt Down Your Safe, YOU DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK.


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  • Lakota Safe Company | Trading Post Posted June 25, 2019 5:21 PM

    Good prices on delivery and setup. Cannot beat it!

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