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Proposed Florida Bill Requires More Training To Carry Concealed Weapons

NEWS SOURCE: WPTV.COM  By: Forrest Saunders Updated: 5:41 PM, Dec 04, 2019

TALLAHASSEE, Fla.– When Charlie Strickland isn’t helping sell firearms in his gun shop, he’s training others to use them at the range. “We’ve been in business 10 years. We’ve trained between 25 and 30,000 people.”
Florida House Bill 809 (2020) could boost those numbers. If passed, you’d need safety training each time you renew a conceal carry permit. And you’d need to do it every five years instead of seven.
“I should be jumping up and down for joy, thinking we’re going to make a lot of money on this. We don’t think that,” Strickland said. He’s a Second Amendment advocate, and feels the bill further erodes the right to bear arms.
Though he appreciates regular training, Strickland said it should be a person’s choice. “I don’t believe in this legislation anymore that you should have an IQ test to vote. A constitutional right is a constitutional right.”
To creators, the proposal is an all-around big win for gun safety. Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried is among them, and also is touting its other provision: Florida could keep gun licensing fingerprints better stopping those with felonies outside the state from renewing carry permits.
“Unfortunately, you’re going to have those individuals who don’t understand that what we’re doing is common-sense regulation to protect our citizens,” Fried said.
While Fried is hoping for bipartisan support once the bill’s assigned to committee, Strickland says he’ll be sticking to his constitutional convictions, despite missing out on what could be a moneymaker.
Law enforcement groups have yet to weigh in on the legislation. The Florida Sheriff’s Association said it’s still reviewing the bill before taking a position.

Mateo, Lakota Editor In Chief:  Why Does Not the State of Florida Department of Agriculture consider creating an online refresher course on Florida Gun Laws that every Florida CCP holder must take at renewal time?  At no cost to the licensee?
Why is it being proposed that there will be a reduction of the length of the permit from 7 to 5 years?  What purpose does it solve? 
In my opinion, it is a way that Nikki Fried, AG Commissioner can raise more revenues from Florida CCP permit holders, and result in fewer Florida Residents to renew. It is her new “Cash Cow.”
I ask our readers to take a close look at the background of our Florida Agriculture Commissioner.  She is NOT a farmer..never has been, not a Forest Land Management expert, not a Hunting and Fishing Sportsman or expert, has no Ecology management experience, and absolutely no Fisheries and Wildlife management experience.  Yet she manages one of the largest State Agency in Florida.
Her background is simple, she is a Far Left Liberal Activist from the University of Florida, that promoted the legalization of marijuana for recreational use.  And she still does this openingly.   Pot is her sole experience with agriculture, I suspect that she knows very well how to grow it.
Furthermore, she is a medical marijuana card holder, while at the same time also holds a Florida Concealed Weapons Permit.   So we must ask her, Nikki, when you get high for your medical condition, do you continue to carry a loaded weapon on you?
Under Federal Statute, any user of illicit drugs,  as defined by the Federal Government, is prohibited from purchasing or owning a firearm.  To verify this fact, just read the ATF 4473 Form that every individual has to complete and sign before purchasing a firearm.
And I cannot help but to remind everyone of the $100,000 plus that she wasted of  Florida Tax Payers money, on reprinting the Weights and Means Department of Agriculture Stickers, containing her “Selfie” photo on them, and had them placed on every Gasoline and Diesel pump throughout the State of Florida.
What is her true intent for the future?  Running for Governor or US Congress someday to go for the real “swamp” dweller pay off?  Get into an higher office so that she can start taking away Florida Citizens’s Second Amendment Rights? 
Nikki Fried is a anti Second Amendment rights devil in disguise. 
Just my two cents.  All Comments are welcome!


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