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Elizabeth Warren, “POCAHONTAS” Discount Sale On Select AR-15s, AR-10s and AR Pistols In Stock.

In honor of Elizabeth Warren, who now is one of this Country’s Biggest Guns Salesman (since Barack Hussein Obama and BETO O’Rourke), we are offering a discount on all of our in store inventory of AR-15s, AR-10s and AR Pistols.

Once our in store inventory is gone, this “POCAHONTAS” special discount will end.
For a complete  list of on ARs on sale, please visit:



*ARs rifle items not in stock at our physical location are promptly ordered from our one of our select warehouses. Due to this, items not in stock at the physical location may take 3-5 days to ship even if you were to selected FedEx two-day air. All firearms must be shipped to the retail store.
Any questions regarding in-store availability or whether or not a product is eligible for the “POCAHONTAS” DISCOUNT code and/or for two day air delivery, please call (407) 347-3568.
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