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Simply put you get what you pay for.  No GIMICKS, Just Real World Training

What distinguishes our Florida CCP classes as Best in Class over all of the rest of the CCP classes taught throughout Central Florida is:
  • We teach basic to advanced students how  to properly and safely handle a firearm and to learn to shoot correctly and proficiently. 
  • We take all of our CCP students to an outdoor range in South Lake County, FL, accompanied by their NRA Instructor(s) and additional NRA RSO.
  • We do not have our CCP students shoot just one 22LR round out of a revolver in the back of a dark utility trailer into a sand filled bullet trap outside of a Florida Gun Show in Miami, FL; nor do we have our CCP students shoot their one .22LR plastic bullet round into a bucket of sand in a back alley behind a commercial strip mall, or within the the actual classroom into a trap. 
  • Is this Really the type of training you desire to obtain your Florida CCW certificate?
  • All of our CCP instructors are NRA Certified Instructors, some of which are FDLE LEO certified trainers, retired LEO certified trainers, and/or former US Military and Brazilian Military weapons instructors.
  • All of our CCP and NRA Instructors show up for their classes, when scheduled and on time. 
  • Social media feedback for other facilities offering Firearms Training in the Greater Orlando area,  have indicated that in many instances, the firearms instructors have been “no show” for their own courses, even though students had enrolled and pre-paid.  What kind of customer service is this?
  • If for any reason a class of our needs to be rescheduled, you will get a personal phone call and our training coordinator will schedule you in our next class.  Event tickets are valid for 6 months, should you not be able to attend your scheduled class.
  • We are the only NRA Business Alliance and NSSF Business member training facility in the Central Florida region, that is offering Spanish and Portuguese (Brazil) language only Florida CCP classes, Florida Hunter Safety classes,  and  NRA & non-NRA shooting classes.
  • We do not offer FREE “GIMICK” Florida CCP classes, where you pay $25 in advance to take the class, and in return you get a in-store only voucher worth $25 (with certain purchase restrictions) which makes it technically “free”.  But s it really FREE?  You are still spending $25.00 cash to take the course.  And, in many cases, you must conduct your shooting skills proficiency test in the classroom, and not on an actual indoor or outdoor shooting range. 
  • Is this really safe training?  Who learns gun safety and how to shoot proficiently by shooting just one plastic bullet round into a bucket of sand or bullet trap inside of a classroom?
  •  We are competitively priced for all of our basic to advanced shooting classes, making it affordable for all individuals.  You will find value in what was have to offer to the Central Florida community.
  • We offer Florida Concealed Carry Permit classes in English, Spanish and Portuguese (Brazil) languages.  Also, we offer female only, and private classes for individuals and couples.
  • We offer discounted class fees to all Adult Volunteers who work with disabled individuals, youth groups and elderly groups not for profits:
    1. Boy Scouts of America Rifle and Shotgun Merit Badge classes (FREE)
    2. NRA RSO classes for Scout and Youth Adult volunteers (DISCOUNTED)

    3. Florida FWC Hunter Safety classes for age 8 and older (FREE)
    4. ProjectChildSafe Seminars for Children and their Parents (FREE)
    5. NRA Refuse To Be A Victim Crime Prevention Seminar for Seniors 65 years old and up (FREE)
    6. And finally all our NRA Instructors give back to the community by providing volunteer services and training to many youth groups and elderly groups in the Central Florida region  
    7. We are now one of the first NRA training facility in Central Florida to offer the NEW NRA Advanced CCW Course (8-16 hours).  We have two (2) NRA Certified Instructors teaching this new curriculum, and soon adding a third NRA Advanced CCW Instructor this fall. 
To obtain more information on all of our training programs and seminars, please visit our Events Calendar at https://lakotasafecompany.com/events or give us a call at 407-347-3568, and tell them Daisy Mae sent you.
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