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Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried Wants Radical Changes To The Concealed Carry Process

Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried Doesn’t Just Want To Tinker With The State’s Vaunted Concealed Weapon Licensing System. She Wants To Violently Overhaul It.

According to the Capital News Service, one of Fried’s proposals would have concealed carriers renewing their licenses after just five years, instead of the seven years that are required now.
But, in my humble opinion, the most worrisome idea to come from the state’s lone Democrat holding statewide elected office is that she wants to require CCW licensees to take a mandatory concealed-carry class every single time they renew their license.
“If you have gone through a course one year and then you’ve waited five or seven years, haven’t picked up your gun again, haven’t cleaned it, haven’t gone back to the range your likelihood of you harming yourself if you need it increases,” Fried told the Capital News Service, adding that she believes her ideas will find wide bipartisan support.

Now, we’ve previously reported that Commissioner Fried has both a CCW license and a medical marijuana card — in contravention of federal law.

  • These ideas of hers confirm she’s using one card a helluva lot more than the other.

  • She must be high if she thinks that nanny-state mentality will fly in Florida.

If you’re reading this, Commissioner Fried, let me be very clear — most people who carry a concealed firearm go to great lengths to continue their training. They don’t need you sending them back to kindergarten every five years just because you spend more time with a bong than a Glock and are therefore incapable of comprehending the realities, complexities and responsibilities of daily defensive carry. By the way, your examples are laughable — or at least they would be if they weren’t so insulting and demeaning.
I hope the Legislature looks at Fried’s ideas the same way I look at a Cheech and Chong movie. They’re funny, at first, but after a while you realize it’s just a couple stoners goofing off.

Mateo, LSC Editor:  I’d like to also remind our readers of the over $5000.00 dollars that this Far Left Liberal Pot Smoking Agriculture Commissioner spent of your tax monies to plaster her SELFIE on every gas and diesel pump in the State of Florida.  Every time you pump your gas, remember exactly who she is, and what she stands for, another far left liberal politician wasting your Tax money and attempting to restrict your Second Amendment rights.   
And I must ask, who in the world voted this far left pot smoking liberal into office?  And I bet she would look mighty fine if her “selfie” on every gas pump had a mustache and beard drawn on her face.  Artist Alert – Have Fun!. 
The State Legislature Passed A Law Prohibiting This From Ever Happening Again.  So When Nikki’s “Selfies” Stickers Run Out, That will Be the Permanent End Of Her Selfies on Every Gas Pump In the State.

Nikki Fried’s BIO

  • Miami-born Democrat
  • UF Sorority Girl
  • Education: UF – BA in “Political Science“, UF –  Master’s in “Political Campaigning” and a law degree from the University’s Fredric G. Levin College of Law.
    • What In Hades Is A Master Degree in “Political Campaigning”?  Is This A Real Master Degree?  It Sounds As Bad As A Masters In Yoga or Art or Philosophy.
    • Perhaps A Better Fitting Master Degree,  Nikki Fried,  Would Have Been “Weed Management.”  And I Am Not Referring To The Weeds That Grow In Your Grass In Your Backyard.
  • Nikki Fried to NRA: “I won’t be beholden to you”
  • Nikki Fried’s NRA Score: “?” is “indication of indifference, if not outright hostility, to gun owners’ and sportsmen’s rights,” according to the NRA.
  • Zero Education Or Experience in Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries and Wildlife, Farming, Livestock Management, Land Management, Range Management, Water Management, etc.  Kind of reminds you of someone else, Hunter Biden.
  • Favorite Slogan: “You don’t have to be a farmer to be a commissioner.”
  • Devote Marijuana Lobbyist:  Owns the Marijuana Consulting Firm, Ignite Holdings LLC
  • Nikki Fried’s Net Worth Increases 416%, Tied to Former Cannabis Exec. Based on financial disclosure forms filed with the Florida Commission on Ethics, the net worth of Nikki Fried -Florida’s recently elected Agriculture Commissioner – increased by $1,129,950 in one year.
  • Passion for marijuana reform extends into the hemp industry as well.  She smokes it daily.
  • Ordered and plastered 120,000 Agriculture Stickers with Her “Selfie” Photo On it at a cost of over $5000 to the State of Florida Tax Payers.  Many Believe This Is Nothing More Than A Tax Payer Paid Political Ad For Nikki Fried.
  • Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried Wednesday (July 31, 2019) called on Gov. Ron DeSantis and Attorney General Ashley Moody to drop an appeal of a circuit judge’s ruling that declared unconstitutional a state law that imposed tough penalties on local officials who approve gun control laws.
  • What In This World Were The Voters In The State Of Florida Thinking When They Elected Nikki Fried?  Just Another Pretty “Shelfie” Face on Gas Pumps?

Nikki Fried Is Yet Another Corrupt Florida SWAMP Creature Voted Into State Of Florida Office!



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