Firearms FFL Consignment Sales Policy

  • Our consignment inventory changes rapidly. Please call us with what you are looking for.
  • We will accept most all legal firearms for consignment sale, provided the firearms is clean and in good working order.
  • Most Wanted List: Sig Sauer, Colt, Browning, KImber, Les Baer, S&W Revolvers, Ruger Revolvers, Colt Python Revolvers


  • Consignment fee is 20% of the selling price.  Fee may be applied to the purchase of a new firearm or a business check will be issued to the seller.
  • Consignment fee is 15% of the selling price, for all ACTIVE LEO, First Responders, and Military Personnel (ID Required)*. 
    • *Excludes former or retired personnel.


  • All consignment firearms will be entered into the FFL’s ATF Bound Book software system.
  • Consignor must provide the FFL with a valid Government issued photo id.
  • All firearms must have a FDLE Stolen gun check run,  before any firearm will be accepted for consignment sales.
  • Consignor must sign our Consignment Sales Agreement with the term of 90 day, which is renewable upon expiration.
  • If a consignor wishes to receive the firearm back, before it is sold,
    • A new Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) background check must be performed per Federal ATF regulation.
    • Once the FDLE background check is approved, the firearm is dispositioned out of the ATF Bound Book back to the original owner.
    • A FFL transfer processing fee of $15 (cash) will be charged to the consignor, which includes the FDLE Background check fee.
  • If the consignor is not approved for the FDLE background check, the consignor has up to 60 days to appeal the FDLE decision.
  • If the consignor’s FDLE appeal is not approved, the FFL is not allowed to return the firearm to the consignor and must disposition the firearm in accordance with ATF regulations.
  • A three (3) day waiting period applies, once the FDLE background check is approved;
    • An exemption for this mandatory 3 day waiting period is only applicable to those individuals with a valid Florida Concealed Carry Permit
    • Law Enforcement Agencies are exempt from the mandatory 3 day waiting period.

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