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Florida Security Guard G License

April 22 @ 8:00 AM - April 24 @ 6:00 PM EDT

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Florida Security Guard G License

WHO: Lakota Safe Company Trading Post

WHERE: 12972 W Colonial Dr Suite 180 Winter Garden, FL  34797

WHEN: Wednesday April 22 – Friday April 24, 2020 8:00am ET


LENGTH: 28 Hrs

Course Details

This course is designed to meet the requirements necessary to obtain a Florida Security Guard G License. It consists primarily of 20 hours of classroom lecture that covers license protocols, State of Florida Statutes, general do’s and don’ts, legal issues, use of force laws, firearm safety and a review of marksmanship. This course concludes with eight (8) hours of live-fire exercise where students demonstrate their knowledge on basic and advanced handgun handling and safe shooting skills. Students are provided with required certificate upon completion. The State of Florida charges separate processing and license fees.
DOWNLOAD: State of Florida Security Guard Handbook



This section of the course covers applicable portions of Chapters 493, 775, 776, and 790, Florida Statutes, as well as civil and criminal liability issues in connection with the use of firearms.


This portion of the curriculum is intended to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the mechanical operations of a firearm and how to handle firearms safely.
A written examination of 100 questions will be administered covering the portions of the curriculum dealing with legal use and operational/mechanical training.


This segment of the training course includes practical exercises in the handling of firearms – stance, grip, sighting, etc. – as well as topics pertaining to range safety and range commands. The instructor will require students to fire 144 rounds as part of the firearms qualification for initial licensure (1 cycle of 48 rounds of practice fire +2 cycles of 48 rounds). No more than eight hours of the 28 hours of training shall consist of range training.
*A Class “K” instructor can at his or her discretion administer as few as 5 hours of range qualification training if the student demonstrates sufficient mastery of the core principles of safe firearms handling (to include shooting a qualifying score) without the full 8 hours of range training. However, reducing the number of hours of range training will require teaching additional hours elsewhere in the curriculum so that the cumulative total of firearms training amounts to 28 hours as required by s. 493.6105(5), F.S.
• Exceeds training requirements for a FLORIDA SECURITY GUARD G LICENSE.
• Certificate of completion provided to use for applying for your Florida Security Guard G license.
• Range time (8 hours) to develop your shooting skills (live fire) at our outdoor or indoor range
• Course Fee DOES NOT include the use of a loaner firearm, ammunition, eye and ear protection or range fees.
• Participants are strongly encouraged to bring their own defensive handgun and at least 300 rounds of ammunition (6 boxes of quantity 50).

Student Requirements

  • Age: Eighteen (18) years old or older
  • You have a valid State of Florida Driver’s License
  • You must bring your valid State of Florida Driver’s To Class And Provide It To The Instructor
  • You must be a U.S. Citizen or be an authorized U.S. Permanent Resident with a current and valid USCIS ID Card (Green Card).
  • You must certify that you are NOT A Restricted Individual Under Federal Title 18, United States Code 922(g)(1)-(9), (n)
  • You must certify that you are NOT A Restricted Individual Under Florida State Statute.
    • Florida Law Prohibits Persons Who:
    • Are adjudicated delinquent of a crime that would have been a felony if committed by an adult until the age of 24 or until record is expunged.
    • Receive “Adjudication Withheld” on any felony or on a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence and three years has not yet lapsed since the completion of sentencing provisions.
    • Were recently arrested for a potentially disqualifying crime which has not been dismissed or disposed of in court.
  • FL Security Guard G License Candidates MUST already have a valid Florida Security Guard D License – no Exceptions.  
  • Students must provide the Instructor with a copy of their Florida Security Guard D License in advance of this course.

What to Bring

  • A hat for sun shade
  • Sun screen
  • Collared shirt or tee shirt, no loosely fitting open collar blouses
  • Sturdy boots or sneakers; no open toe shoes, flip flops or sandals.
  • A portable lawn chair or camping chair for the range.
  • Snacks and Lunch
  • Gatorade or other sports drinks for the range; we will be providing bottled water only, at the range
  • If you have your own, eye and ear protection designed for shooting sports, please feel free to bring them
  • Eye and ear protection will be provided to each student (provided by the Instructor) for use for the range time, only if you do not own any.  NOTE: these have been used by previous students.
  • If you would like to purchase brand new eye and ear protection, we offer this to each student for small fee of $5.00; you will get to keep these for your future shooting range use.
  • We have more advanced electronic ear protection (Howard Leight Impact Sports) and Shooting Safety Eye Protection (SSP Shooting Glasses) in stock and available for purchase in our Retail Store.
  • You must bring your own handgun,  which must be one or more of the following handguns: a .38 caliber revolver; a .380 caliber or 9-millimeter semiautomatic pistol; a .357 caliber revolver with .38-caliber ammunition; a .40 caliber handgun; or a .45 ACP handgun (Sections 493.6115(2)).
  • Bring a handgun that you that you plan to carry on duty as a Florida Security Guard G licensed officer.  It is recommended that you train with the firearm that you plan to carry on duty as a Florida Security Guard G officer..
  • Your own ammunition for your handgun(s), at least 300 rounds.

What NOT To Bring

  • Your own ammunition or firearm into the classroom
  • NOTE: we do not allow any live ammunition or firearms in our classroom due to safety restrictions.

  • DO NOT bring  a friend or multiple friends or a family member(s) or any children of any age, who are NOT registered with the Lakota Safe Company Trading Post as students.
    • They will not be allowed in the classroom
    • And they will not allowed on the shooting range
    • EXCEPTIONS: Students Under Age 18 And Any Individuals With A Disability
      •  Parents/legal guardian and/or care taker will be allowed in the classroom and shooting range.
      • Parents, legal guardians and/or care taker will be required to sign our legal waiver.

Other Restrictions

  •  If you are a valid Florida Concealed Carry permit holder, we ask that you keep your firearm and ammunition in your vehicle;  these same SAFETY RULES apply on the shooting range.
  • Absolutely no children will be allowed in the classroom or the shooting range, unless they are registered students with us for this class.
  • If you do not complete the shooting portion of the class, your Florida Security Guard G certificate will be put in a pending status and another date will be scheduled for you to complete your shooting requirements.  Additional Instructor and range fees will be required.

Pre-Registration Instructions

  • Florida Security Guard G license course is open to Florida residents holding a current and valid Florida Security Guard D license.

    You Can Join The NRA On Our Website Or In Our Retail Store For A Significant Discount

    • Join The NRA Here: 
  • Enroll and prepay at:

  • Student materials, refreshments, and equipment.
  • Range fees, loaned use of handguns and ammunition are not included in the course fees.
  • Walk-ins will be accommodated, if the class is not sold out


EMAIL:  [email protected]

PHONE: (407) 347-3568

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U.S Minders Security
12792 W Colonial Dr Suite 180
Winter Garden, FL 34787 United States
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